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Peer Education

Who We Are

Peer Education is a team of students who have excelled in their courses at FIC and want to support other students within the FIC community to do the same through one-on-one academic support and mentorship. Peer Educators are always prepared to welcome student questions and do their best to refer to the appropriate resources as well as offer their own experience and advice for navigating student life at FIC. From breaking-down Math concepts, to discussing how to approach instructors or helping you practice your presentation, Peer Educators are here to help!

What We Do

The Peer Education Program provides academic support, mentorship and even an opportunity to make new friends! Peer Education offers a wide-range of support on the many courses at FIC and drop-in sessions are offered through a variety of times and days. In order to help other students in a specific class, Peer Educators must have received an A- or higher in that class. This way, if you are struggling with MATH100 (or any other class!), you can find a Peer Educator who has excelled in the class to help you succeed! Many students within the FIC community look to Peer Education for reliable support across many different subjects and topics. They are depended on by their peers to arrive at their shift on time and be ready to provide a friendly service and the appropriate support. Some of our Peer Educators also provide a one-on-one weekly meet-up through our Peer Education Mentorship Program, where discussions can include support in time management, study skills, communication skills and more!

So if you have excelled in a class and want to give back to the FIC community or have attended a Peer Education session and have been inspired with one of our Peer Educators, apply for Peer Education for the upcoming semester!

Benefits of Joining

  • Development of communication skills through mentorship and academic coaching
  • Professional experience and a volunteer certificate once you have completed your commitment to Peer Education
  • The chance to meet a lot of new people and make new friends!
  • Opportunities to apply for supervisor and management opportunities within our programs in the future

Commitment to the Program

  • One 2 hour shift a week on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
  • Participation in team projects and more within the Peer Education Program
  • Actively working in diverse teams, bringing your unique strengths and being ready to learn from your team members
  • Attendance at training sessions before and throughout the semester including Student Leadership Training
  • 2 Semester consecutive commitment in order to receive a certificate of completion
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