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IT Squad

Who We Are

The IT Squad is a well-rounded and efficient team of FIC students who are almost ready to transfer to SFU and FIC Alumni from different majors, connected with a single idea: to provide technical help all around FIC. From instructors to staff and students, IT Squad members are always there to calmly problem solve, assist with technical issues, and escalate problems to FIC support. By working together as a team, IT Squad helps to identify tools and resources that can help support the FIC community, then turns these ideas into reality!

What We Do

The IT Squad is a group of tech-savvy students who maintain all of FIC’s computers, printers, projectors and photocopiers in- person. Online, you will find them providing support for students who need help activating their Computing ID, accessing resources on Moodle, Zoom trouble-shooting, and more! Not only that, they also help staff and students resolve their technical issues on a daily basis. By providing technical relief for the FIC community, the IT Squad reduces stress and makes FIC a more pleasant environment in which to work and study. If you ever experience a problem with your computing ID, Zoom, or anything else tech related, they are always happy to help you during their available hours.

If you are in your transferring semester or an FIC alumni and have an interest in technology, trouble-shooting and interacting with members of the FIC community, join our IT Squad team for the upcoming semester!

Benefits of Joining

  • Professional experience working with staff, FIC instructors and students
  • Development of your technical, troubleshooting & communication skills
  • The chance to meet and make new friends!
  • A volunteer certificate and reference once you have completed your commitment to IT Squad

Commitment to the Program

  • One to two 2 hour shift(s) a week
  • Collaboration within your shift on projects that will support technical issues around the FIC Community
  • Active engagement to bring your unique ideas and perspectives to better support the FIC community
  • Attendance at training sessions before and throughout the semester including Student Leadership Training
  • 2 Semester consecutive commitment in order to receive a certificate of completion
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