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Guidance Advisors

Guaidance Advisors

Who We Are

Guidance Advisors are FIC alumni who provide personal and academic support to FIC students. They offer a unique perspective based on their experience as both former FIC students and current SFU students. These students enjoyed their time at FIC and want to help as many students as they can succeed and transfer to SFU!

What We Do

Guidance Advisors help support the Student Advisors by answering day-to-day questions and concerns as well as support students transitioning into university life. Guidance Advisors receive training on everything from FIC’s programs and their requirements, to volunteer opportunities, medical insurance, and attendance. They can also provide information about transferring to SFU based on their own personal experiences.

Benefits of Joining

  • Receive important training in mental health support, response and referral skills, medical insurance, as well as FIC and SFU information.
  • Gain valuable experience that will help both in your personal life, as well as preparation for a wide variety of jobs, specifically in counselling or education.
  • The opportunity to meet many students and improve your communication and leadership skills.
  • Make a difference in the community by supporting students through their transition to university life.

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