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Our Approach

The Student Success Team is committed to providing a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere that prioritizes exploration and supports both your educational and personal development. While we won’t make decisions for you, we can help you discover and identify your interests, strengths, and goals to help you make informed decisions. Your time at FIC is a chance for you to explore yourself and the world, and we are here to help you reach your highest potential and have some fun along the way too!

What can Student Success help you with?

Student Success Advisors are trained and experienced in helping you navigate every step of your journey at FIC. We can help you with both academic and personal challenges. Our goal is to support and empower you by providing you with the tools and strategies needed to navigate and transition through your academics and life outside of class, be here to answer questions about absolutely anything you need and help connect you to other campus resources and supports. The Student Success Team also hosts a variety of engagement activities and workshops every semester as we would love to connect and get to know you better, and for you to get to know us better too! Besides, these activities are a great way to met new peers, so make sure to get involved!

Ready to Connect?

Student Success Advisors are available in-person at FIC, 2nd floor Welcome Desk. We are also available remotely through Zoom. You are welcome to email the team at but we do encourage connecting with us in-person whenever possible! Please find our most up to date hours below.

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