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How to Enrol

Enrolment Instructions

Welcome to returning student enrolment! This enrolment page is a guide for returning student enrolment. If you are a new student at FIC, entering your very first semester, please speak to a member of our Marketing or Arrivals Team for enrolment support.

The enrolment team is here to support all students during the enrolment period every semester. In order to provide an efficient and effective enrolment experience, please ensure that you read all of the instructions and follow the procedures outlined below. If you do not read and follow the instructions carefully, it can impact the efficiency of the overall enrolment process.

Course Planning for Enrolment

Planning For Your Semesters

The FIC Course Planning Guide is to be used with the Course Schedule to keep track of the classes you would like to take. Use this to make up to 5 different plans, set goals for the next semester, and track your required and elective courses.

FIC Course Planning Guide

Semester Course Schedule

The Student Course Schedule includes all of the current information we have about the upcoming courses that will be offered in the current or upcoming semester. You will be able to see the instructors, the day, the time and the location to help you to plan your courses. Remember to speak with a Student Success Advisor to ensure the course combinations you are intending to take are manageable and fit your program requirements! Please also keep in mind that, while these courses are offered, not all courses will be available on your enrolment page as part of your program.

Student Course Schedule

FAQs of Enrolment

Before sending an email to the enrolment team, please read the Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs) below so that you can avoid sending emails regarding topics already covered. This will aid in the efficiency of the enrolment process so that you can have a positive enrolment experience.

Page Section

The classes were full right away. I can’t select anything. What do I do?

Please continue trying to enroll. Refresh the page and continue to check back frequently. The classes may say full at the moment but the enrolment team will be adding space in classes and other students will be adding/dropping classes, so please be patient and continue checking your enrolment page.

I didn’t get the class time/instructor that I wanted. Can you change this for me?

Enrolment cannot help with class times or instructors. During enrolment you will need to keep checking the student portal for openings in classes for the times and instructors you would like. Our first priority is to get you into the classes you need to graduate.

How can I pay more tuition fee?

FIC is now partnered with Flywire for a smooth transaction process! You can view how to make your payment here: You are welcome to add funds if you would like to take an extra class or you are a little short! As long as you paid the minimum balance by the tuition deadline, you won’t be charged any extra fees.

I don’t have enough funds to enroll. What should I do?

FIC is now partnered with Flywire for a smooth transaction process! Once you have made the payment, please email the enrolment team at with your payment ID and request for enrolment support. You can view how to make your payment here: Please login to your student portal and follow the instructions on the homepage.

I need to speak to a member of the Finance Team, how can I contact them?

During the semester you can contact them through their in-person office hours. The Finance office hours are drop-in, so no appointments are needed. During the semester break or the enrolment time period, you can reach the Finance Team through the email.

How can I speak with a Student Success Advisor?

You can find a Student Success Advisor at the 2nd floor welcome desk at FIC, Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm during regular school weeks. Their services are drop-in, so there is no appointment necessary. Please check your email and the student portal for the last day of in-person advising each semester.

During enrolment time, Student Success Advisors are available through email only. You can reach them through

I don’t know what classes to choose next semester. Help me!

We are happy to help you course plan when we return! However, you can find all the program information on this website, under ‘Undergraduate Transfer Pathways’. Here, you can see which classes are required/electives for each program and easily plan your courses out. It is important to see a Student Success Advisor throughout the semester as well, to ensure you are staying on track and can enroll right away.

I would like to take a reduced course load next semester, what should I do?

Reduced course loads are when students intend to take less than 3 UTP II courses or 4 UTP I courses in a semester. By doing so, you will be considered a part-time student. In order to determine if a reduced course load is possible, you will first need to speak to a Student Success Advisor to determine if you meet the criteria. You will also need to speak to an immigration consultant to ensure that you are fully aware of any and all risks associated with being a part-time student.
In order for students to be eligible for a Reduced Course Load, students will need to have met the criteria:

Taken and passed 10 courses with a D grade or higher
Achieved at least a CGPA of 2.35 or higher
Have a valid study permit
Spoken to an immigration consultant. Understand and agree to be responsible for all associated risks with being a part-time student

After your eligibility has been determined, you can fill out the Study Load Modification Request form.

I would like to take a course overload next semester, what should I do?

A course overload is when you are looking to take 5 or more classes per semester. You will first need to check in with a Student Success Advisor to course plan and to assess if taking 5 courses would be appropriate for you.

After checking in with an advisor, you can then submit your course overload request through the Study Load Modification Request form.

I want to change my major. What should I do?

In order to change your major, we strongly recommend that you speak with a Student Success Advisor about your strengths, previously completed classes, and goals for SFU and your future. We also recommend requesting your program change before the end of the semester. If you request a program change during enrolment, we cannot guarantee that it will be completed in time for you to enroll. We will do our best to complete your request by the end of the enrolment period.

I want to take a break next semester. What should I do?

The first step is to contact Student Success Advising! You can find the deferral form on the FIC student portal under “Students” – “Student Forms”. A $200 deferral fee will be removed from your account for your deferral. Once submitted, your deferral application will be processed accordingly. Please note that only one semester may be taken off per academic calendar year. If you need additional time, please reach out to us.

I do not agree with a final grade I have received. What should I do?

The first step is to reach out to your instructor within 14 days of the release of your final grades, to inform your instructor of the questions concerning the grades in order to understand the procedures the instructor used to determine the final grades. Instructors may not be checking their email during the semester break, but will respond to your email at the start of the semester.

If you need support crafting this email, please reach out to a Student Success Advisor immediately or through You can also view the “Application for Appeal of Final Results” on the FIC Student Portal under “Students” – “Documents” – “Exams”.

I think there is a problem with my SFU application. What should I do?

SFU is planning on sending everyone’s offers very quickly. If you think there is a problem with your application (cancelled, etc), please contact SFU admissions using the future students page.

I have been accepted to SFU. How can I transfer my Fees?

Congratulations! Please fill out the fee refund form. You will also receive an email from our Finance Team (if you have not already) with more information! If you complete the refund form by the deadline stated in this email, your funds will be transferred to SFU in time for their tuition deadline. You can reach out to our Refund Team at

Enrolment Time Slot

Your enrolment time-slots are usually assigned within two weeks of the end of classes for each semester. You can find this on your FIC student portal, by clicking on the Enrolment Tab at the top of the page. Please note that you must have the minimum tuition balance for the semester to get your correctly assigned enrolment date and time. Check our FAQ above or the Payment Options page for details on tuition payment.

Enrolment Email

Please note that when you email enrolment, it will take a minimum of 2-4 business days to receive a response. There is usually a high volume of emails during the enrolment period, so it is important to be patient and wait for a response.

All enrolment requests must be sent to the Enrolment Team at The advising team cannot provide answers to your enrolment needs, so emails going to their inbox about enrolment will be deleted.

Here are some things to remember when sending an email to the enrolment team:

  • The more emails we receive, the longer it takes us to respond. If you send multiple emails, the duplicates will be deleted and only the last email you sent will be reviewed. To ensure that your enrolment issues are resolved, please send only one email with your request.
  • It is important that you only email enrolment when your time -slot is open and you are actually allowed to enrol. We are unable to process requests for students who send emails before their student account is open for enrolment.
  • Please email from your FIC email account or your alternative email (but include your FIC ID!)
  • Please write your FIC student ID, and your first name and last name in the subject line of the email.
  • Instructor requests and class times cannot be accommodated or guaranteed.
  • Please give the enrolment team an alternate plan if your initial request cannot be granted.

When emailing enrolment (, please follow the template below in order to facilitate a smooth enrolment process:

Email Template

Dear Enrolment,

My name is First Name Last Name and my FIC student ID is _________

My request is:

The reason why:

If that is not possible, please consider:

Thank you very much,

First Name Last Name

Student ID

Enrolment Tips

For important tips and advice on how to have a positive enrolment experience, please watch the video below.

Enrolment Tips

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