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Fraser International College

Welcome to Fraser International College

About FIC

Fraser International College (FIC) is located on Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Burnaby campus, in British Columbia, Canada. FIC enables students from all over the world to reach their potential and goals by offering high-quality education. Our combined letter of offer from FIC & SFU compliments the programs and courses delivered at SFU. Our programs are designed to support students with a direct pathway into SFU second year. FIC’s qualified instructors ensure students have the very best preparation for the demands of higher education in Canada. Each program area offers small class sizes, diverse courses, and volunteering opportunities. All of which combined, maximize the learning opportunities, growth of creativity, and the student’s passion. FIC provides students with the first year courses needed for their transition to SFU when they meet the requirements on their combined letter of offer from FIC having experienced a teaching and learning environment that supports them to harness their talents and achieve their dreams.


Start in: January, May or September


Students from all over the world

How does FIC work?


• Apply through a FIC representative in your country or,
Apply online through this website.


Connect with our team

• Send an email to

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