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How to accept your offer

Congratulations on receiving an offer to study at FIC!

To accept your offer and to find out about registering for classes, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Receiving your Letter of Offer*

Evaluate your offer together with your agent and/or your Student Recruitment Manager.

Step 2: Indicate your Acceptance

Indicate your acceptance by signing and submitting the Acceptance of Offer document included with your Letter of Offer.

Payment should be made by logging onto Studylink or through FIC’s Payment Portal.

Step 3: Receive your PAL

Pay the deposit required to secure your place in the program and receive your PAL.

Step 4: Apply for your Study Permit

Collect all the documents required to apply for a Study Permit to Canada right away to ensure
Study Permit approval in time for the start of class.

*Please remember to clear your conditions listed on your LOO.

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