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Students may not defer in their first semester of study. Students who fail the Integrated program MAY RETAKE the course up to one time. Integrated students who fail the English program twice will be required to withdraw, regardless of their academic achievements in content courses.

Please note that students completing the Integrated Program are also subject to any prerequisite and corequisite requirements associated with FIC classes.

*Students may be required to take ALC101/ALAC101 if they do not achieve the required results in INTG100.



  • 1 Semester


  • January, May, September


  • Vancouver

Required Courses

ILS101 - Integrated Learning Skills

Non-credit Course
The Integrated Learning Skills Course (or also known as ILS) provides students with the learning and communication skills required to be successful in university studies in a Canadian learning environment. It includes the basic knowledge skills required to successfully participate in an undergraduate degree program and to operate effectively in a university context. Aspects of the course emphasize non-academic issues to assist students’ transition to the College and eventually, University.


All UTPII direct students are required to take (and pass) ILS101 in their first term of study unless exempted.

INTG100 - Academic English

Non-credit Course
Program: UTP Stage I / UTP Stage II – Reading: In this module, you will learn skills to help you understand academic readings. These skills include distinguishing between main ideas and supporting details, and facts and opinions. You will learn to analyze the purpose of a writer’s argument and the way the argument is constructed. As you read, you will also expand your development of academic vocabulary. Writing: The purpose of the writing component is to prepare you to meet the writing demands of your courses at FIC. You will be guided through the process of planning and writing of the paragraph and essay, focusing on persuasive writing. You will also receive instruction in how to revise and edit your writing. Communications: This module assists students in building the necessary communication skills required to participate and succeed in an academic environment. Students will be shown how to develop their confidence in speaking in groups and as individuals with a strong emphasis on understanding purpose and audience in speaking. Additionally, students will build active listening skills through the use of listening strategies learned throughout the course. They will be able to speak more effectively and listen with a higher degree of accuracy as they practice speaking on and listening to academically focused topics.



Two additional courses

Choose two additional Stage 1 or Stage 2 academic courses.

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