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How to Remove your Conditions

Open your Letter of Offer to find the conditions you must meet before enrolling: 

  1. If there are no conditions listed on your Letter of Offer, then you either submitted all the required documents for an unconditional Letter of Offer or you already met the conditions and now have an offer with no conditions 
  2. Conditions are at the top of the second page of your Letter of Offer 
  3. Typically, your conditions will be either academic and/or English language 
  4. We require English language test scores, final academic transcripts or agent stamped transcripts  

Collect the documentation required to “clear the condition” and submit it to admissions: 

  1. Clearing conditions is a required process and prevents issues during enrollment time 
  2. All documents to clear conditions must be sent directly to the admissions department at  

Once submitted, the Admissions Team will review the documentation then issue an updated Letter of Offer if the condition has been cleared 

Below is a list of conditions that you may see on your Letter of Offer. This list is not exhaustive, and you may see a different condition on your Letter of Offer, that is not listed below, that you will be required to satisfy before enrolling.  

Academic Results: final copies of your examination results and any post-secondary transcripts if applicable. 

Acceptance of Offer: the final page of your Letter of Offer that you must sign and return to the Admissions department. 

Authenticated transcripts: Copies of your final examination results that have been stamped by your agent proving their authenticity. If you do not have an agent, you will be required to bring your original examination results with you when you travel to Canada and present them for review to the Admissions department in person. 

SFU Eligibility Letter: a signed SFU Eligibility letter that acknowledges that while you can likely be accepted directly to SFU, you are choosing to attend FIC before attending SFU. 

English Language: copies of your English language test scores. Access the list of recognized tests. 

Post-Secondary transcripts/Withdrawal Letters: official transcripts from a university/college that you have attended and have withdrawn or left before coming to FIC. 

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