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Apply to become a team member and join the FIC Student Leadership community!

Student Leadership Applications are now OPEN! Apply through the application forms below. 

Step 1: Read through the volunteer descriptions and find the right program for you!

Step 2: Select the appropriate application below and read through the instructions, then submit.

Step 3: Wait for an email from Student Experience about joining interviews!

Step 4: Attend interviews and wait for the results.

Step 5: Welcome to the FIC Student Leadership Community!

If you have any questions about the Student Leadership Programs, please email:

Apply To be a Peer Educator!

Peer Education is a team of students who have excelled in their courses at FIC and want to support other students within the FIC community to do the same through one-on-one academic support and mentorship.

Peer Education Application

Apply to be an IT Squad Member!

The IT Squad is a well-rounded and efficient team of FIC students who are almost ready to transfer to SFU and FIC Alumni from different majors, connected with a single idea: to provide technical help all around FIC.

IT Squad Application

Apply to be in FIC ACT!

FIC ACT stands for FIC Awareness Campaign Team and is a group of students passionate about raising awareness about certain topics they believe are important for FIC students to learn more about.

FIC ACT Application

Apply to be in Photo Team!

FIC Photography Team is a group of students who are all about cameras and photography! They utilize their skills by hosting photography related events as well as by documenting the FIC community and events that take place every semester!

Photo Team Application

Apply to be an Orientation Leader!

Orientation Leaders run the show on Orientation Day and at events during Weeks of Welcome! They welcome new students to the FIC community and support students as they meet new people and build relationships.

Orientation Leader Application

Apply to be a Marketing Specialist!

The Marketing Specialists are a team of current FIC and SFU students focused on supporting prospective FIC students and increasing FIC brand awareness. This is done by supporting the Marketing team with promotions, co-hosting webinars, and addressing student and stakeholder questions.

Marketing Specialist Application

Apply to be a Guidance Advisor!

Guidance Advisors are FIC alumni who provide personal and academic support to FIC students. They offer a unique perspective based on their experience as both former FIC students and current SFU students.

Guidance Advising
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