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Photography Team

photography team

Who We Are

FIC Photography Team is a group of students who are all about cameras and photography! They utilize their skills by hosting photography related events as well as by documenting the FIC community and events that take place every semester! Photography Team members work together to engage the community with their interests by sharing their passion and knowledge with each other and the wider community. FIC Photography Team are the people that make FIC’s memories last!

What We Do

The Photography Team meets weekly to coordinate and host photography-related events in-person and virtually! They enhance their skills and learn from other team members in order to get the most out of their volunteer experience. An example of an in-person event Photography Team hosted was a Linkedin workshop where students, staff, and faculty members got their professional headshots taken for free by experienced Photography Team members. Another event held virtually that continues to receive a lot of engagement is the semesterly Photo Competition held on FIC Instagram. Photography Team members are constantly working together to come up with new and creative ideas of engaging the FIC community with their interests, so we are looking for proactive members to bring their great attitude and innovation to the team!

When in person, FIC Photography Team are identified by their unique grey t-shirts at all of FIC’s large events including Orientation, Student Leadership Training, and much more! Their expertise and photography skills are crucial in documenting all of the fun events that take place at FIC. As a team member, you will also get the chance to see the photos you take on FIC’s social media accounts, which will help current and prospective students get a feel for how great FIC is through your photos!

If you enjoy hosting events, want to enhance your photography skills as well as meet people of similar interests, join the FIC Photography Team!

Benefits of Joining

  • Doing what you love for great volunteer experience and gaining new leadership skills
  • Opportunities for professional development through free workshops and mentorship from fellow team members
  • Seeing your photos on FIC’s social media accounts
  • Learning new Platforms such as Trello and Canva
  • Meeting new people who share the same interests as you!

Commitment to the Program

  • Positively contributing during 1 hour weekly team meeting (Wk2-WK12)
  • Supporting events planned by Photography Team members
  • Proactively joining 4-6 meetings mini team meetings per semester to plan out specific events
  • Attendance at training sessions before and throughout the semester including Student Leadership Training
  • 2 Semester consecutive commitment in order to receive a certificate of completion
  • You do not need to own a camera to join the Photography Team. A passion for photography is all you need!
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