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Productivity and Overcoming Procrastination

Date:   25 Jul 2022
Time:   13:00 - 2:00 pm
Fee: Free
Organizer: Student Success Advising
Venue: Zoom
Categories: Academic, Community

Exam time can be quite stressful. We've got you covered, join FIC Advisor Shazmeen and your Peers for tips and helpful insight into how you can become more productive and motivate yourself to study, especially during exam time.

Learn how to be productive and overcome procrastination during exam time

Do you find yourself procrastinating? Do you end up getting stressed out especially during exam period? Fear not! Join us for an informative session where you can talk to your very own Advisor Shazmeen and Peers about their experiences with procrastination and what strategies they use to motivate themselves. Not on campus? That is completely okay, join us on Zoom!

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