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Nutrition Nerds – Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal?

Date:   08 Jun 2022
Time:   13:00
Fee: Free
Organizer: FIC Awareness Campaign Team (ACT)
Venue: FIC Atrium
Categories: Community, Social

They're back! FIC ACT's Nutrition Nerds series is relaunched for the Summer semester! Find the team in the Atrium every Wednesday from 1-2 for some quick nutrition tips and a healthy snack to boost your day. Each week will have a different theme, and perhaps even a different prize!

Stay Healthy with our Nutrition Nerds!

What’s the secret to a successful semester? Our Awareness Campaign Team believes it starts with FOOD! Your life as a student is only going to get busier as the semester continues, and sometimes other tasks get prioritized over a simple meal or snack. So, FIC ACT has got you this semester! Come to the FIC Atrium every Wednesday from 1pm-2pm to say hi to FIC ACT members and grab a snack! Each week will have a different nutrition theme and a new bite to eat. Come through tell us what you’d like to see from the Nutrition Nerds!

May 24 – Brain Foods: What to eat to boost your productivity
June 1 – Living on a Student Budget: How to save and where to go!
June 8 – Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal?: Nutritious Breakfast Foods
June 15 – 4 Ingredients Recipes: Take one recipe and submit your own!
June 22 – Theme TBD
June 29 – Theme TBD
July 6 – Theme TBD

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