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FIC & SFU Multilingual Week Present: Multilingual Snack Hour

Date:   07 Feb 2023
Time:   12:30 - 1:30 pm
Fee: Free
Organizer: FIC, SFU
Venue: RM 2360
Categories: Community, Social

It's Multilingual Week at SFU & FIC and we are holding events celebrating our diverse language skills during the week of Feb 6th-10th! Come and grab some international snacks on Tuesday, February 7th at FIC!

Multilingual Snack Hour

Did you know that being multilingual is a superpower? Come celebrate multilingualism at FIC & SFU! Meet new people! Eat some snacks! Win prizes! Have fun!

Join us on Tuesday, February 7th at 12:30pm at FIC in Room 2360 and try delicious snacks from different countries!

Register by clicking on the button below.


There are more events happening during Multilingual Week (February 6th-10th) around the different SFU campuses. If you are interested in knowing more about these events and in participating, you can find more information by clicking on the 2nd button below.

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