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FIC Prep Week: Peer Education Study Sessions

Date:   28 Mar 2023
Time:   12:30 - 1:30 pm
Fee: Free
Organizer: Peer Education
Venue: FIC Student Lounge
Categories: Academic

Studying has never been so easy and fun! Join Peer Education and other students during the FIC Prep Week to learn some tips and tricks for studying as well as different study techniques and find one that works for you!

Week 12 is the last week of Peer Education! Join this week for special study sessions between 12:30-1:30pm. You’ll have the chance to learn and try out different study techniques such as chunking, pomodoro, dual coding and mind mapping. Grab some healthy brain booster snacks and study in a fun, supportive space!

The study sessions will be happening on Tuesday, March 28th, Wednesday, March 29th and Thursday, March 30th in the Student Lounge (RM2110) from 12:30-1:30pm.

We hope to see you in one or all the study sessions! Happy studying!

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