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Vancouver International Film Festival (Sept. 28-Oct. 8 2023)

28 September 2023
The Vancouver International Film festival is here. This is a chance to explore films from all over the world in a fun festival environment, with specials student-pricing tickets! Grab your tickets now!!
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Meowfest 2023 Vancouver

19 August 2023
Don't miss out on the purrfectly delightful meowfest 2023! This all-day festival is a cat-lover's dream, filled with scrumptious food, exciting activities, and of course, adorable felines!
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Vancouver International Jazz Festival

23 June 2023
Whether you're a jazz enthusiast or a curious newcomer, the Vancouver International Jazz Festival invites you to join the celebration. Feel the pulse of the music, dance to the rhythm of your heart, and revel in the unifying power of this extraordinary art form.
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National Indigenous Peoples Day

21 June 2023
June 21st is a captivating day of cultural immersion, to honour and pay tribute to the invaluable contributions of Indigenous communities. There are many events to immerse yourself in traditional music, captivating storytelling, mesmerizing dances, and mouthwatering cuisine all across Vancouver!
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