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FICSET: School/Life Balance

16 February 2023
Do you have questions about how to find a balance between life and school? Are you interested in learning some tips and tricks to find and maintain this balance when thinking about adding part-time work to your schedule? Attend this workshop to find more about how you can find equilibrium between your life and your studies!
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FIC Math Centre Presents: Final Exam Bootcamp

06 April 2023
Final exams are coming! if you have questions about trigonometry, please join this bootcamp led by our FIC Math instructors!
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FIC Math Centre Presents: Midterm Bootcamp 2

09 March 2023
Midterm exam coming up? Have questions about Polynomials and other Functions? Come join our bootcamp led by our FIC Math instructors!
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Peer Support at FIC

30 January 2023
Did you know that FIC has different peer programs and services to support you throughout your studies at FIC? Come to this workshop to find more information and to learn about the different ways you can find support at FIC.
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Exploring FICSET

24 January 2023
Are you a new student to FIC? Are you interested in knowing more about the different resources and support available to you online and at FIC? Come join us in this workshop where we will explore your online Orientation Moodle course: FICSET!
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Mentorship Mingler

19 January 2023
The FIC Peer Mentorship Program offers one-on-one sessions with a mentor each week. This program is for students who are looking for support outside of just academics, and are wanting to build connections with an experienced member of the FIC Community. To learn more about this program, join this mingler in Room 2350 on Thursday, January 19th at 12:30pm to express your interest and complete the application form found in your FIC email!
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Immigration Consultation Series: Renewing Your Study Permit and Visa

11 January 2023
Do you know how to renew your Study Permit and Visa? Do you have questions about the process? Join the session to hear from a certified Immigration Consultant more information about this process and get your questions answered!
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