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UTP Stage II: Communication and Business

FIC offers a unique pathway to enter the second year of studies at SFU in the Communication and Business Minor programs.
UTP Stage II: Communication and Business is equivalent to the first year of SFU’s Bachelor of Arts degree awarded by the Faculty of Communication, Art, and Technology (FCAT). The program will provide you with the necessary foundation to understand and excel in such an exciting program.

Your direct pathway to Simon Fraser University

High School


2nd year Simon Fraser University



Program Normal Duration Total Program Fee

UTP Stage II

3 terms

C$29,777 for 30 credits (2020/21)

* Program fees are based on 30 credits of study at C$992.57 per credit. Students taking more than 30 credits of study will need to pay additional fees. Not for credit transfer Academic Literacy Course is a requirement for UTP Stage II Direct entry.



January, May, September

Why Communication and Business?

  • Gain valuable knowledge in these two very popular career related fields
  • Develop key Business skills including marketing, accounting, human resource development and international business
  • Enhance your understanding of communications including: key messaging, advertising and generating effective social media engagement
  • Develop your critical thinking abilities
  • Be career ready by improving your team and independent working skills

Services and Support:

  • Guaranteed GPA to transfer to SFU
  • Supportive study environment with small classes
  • Receive ongoing support in both Communication and Business to help you choose the most relevant courses
  • Earn valuable work experience through SFU’s Co-op Education program
  • Gain support in career planning, writing, and mentorship from SFU


Required Courses:

  • CMNS110 – Introduction to Communication Studies
  • CMNS130 – Communication and Social Change
  • FPA135 – Introduction to Cinema
  • IAT102 – Graphic Design
  • IAT110 – Visual Communication Design
  • ECON1034 – Principles of Microeconomics
  • BUS251 – Financial Accounting
  • BUS200 – Business Fundamentals
  • BUS216 – Introduction to Essentials in Business Communication
Choose one of:
  • ENGL112 – Literature Now
  • ENGL 113 - Literature and Performance
  • ENGL115 – Literature & Culture

To transfer into the Double Minor Program in the Faculty of Communications, Arts, and Technology, and Beedie School of Business students must complete the requirements listed above, which include at least one ‘W’ and one ‘Q’ course.

A minimum GPA of 2.50, based on completion of 10 courses (at least 30 units, and with a grade of C- or better in all courses), will guarantee admittance to a Business minor program for successful transfer students from FIC.

Career Opportunities:

As a Communication and Business graduate you will be able to be part of the vibrant creative economy in Vancouver and beyond. Join these exciting industries:

  • Advertising & Media
  • Marketing
  • Media & Community Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Social Media
  • Event Management
  • Arts & Culture

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