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The Heart of Art (November 27)

27 November 2023
You are invited to join the last weekly FIC art group session (The Heart of Art) that is held today, November 27th from 12:35pm-1:25pm in the FIC Art Studio, room 3004 (3rd floor) of FIC.
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Healthy Mind + Healthy Body = Healthy Grades

13 June 2023
Did you know that your mental and physical health may impact your grades? Are you interested in knowing how this happens and what you can do to boost your health and your grades? Join this workshop hosted by the FIC Wellness team to learn more and to access the Wellness services at FIC on Thursday, June 13th from 12:35pm to 1:25pm in room 2060.
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Embrace Wellbeing

31 May 2023
Have you heard about MySSP (My Student Support Program) before? If you haven't, join the wellness team to learn more about this service and how it provides mental support to all of our students worldwide.
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Breakfast with FIC – Waffles

10 May 2023
Hungry to kick-off a successful Summer semester? Then come grab a bite to eat with the FIC Team! Come for the food and fun, and leave with a full stomach!
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Wellness as a College Student

21 September 2022
Join the FIC Wellness Team, connect with fellow students and enjoy some engaging activities while you learn about “Wellness as a College Student.”
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