I have accepted my offer, what’s next?

One month before you begin your studies at FIC, you will be asked to register for courses using our online course registration system. Here is what you need to know.

FIC Math Placement Assessment

Around two weeks before course registration, students entering the UTP II Business Administration, Computing Science, Environment Science, Engineering Science or Health Sciences (Science) programs will be invited to take the FIC Math Assessment. This assessment must be completed before they may register for courses.

This assessment is designed to help students select the correct Math course in their first semester and is not a pass or fail test. The assessment takes one hour and once a student logs into the assessment they need to finish it, they cannot log back in. However, students should take the test seriously as the assessment will determine if you are able to select the necessary Calculus course for your program.

The test itself will cover thirty questions, and include a variety of standard Year 12 math topics. Students can take a practice test by clicking here.

Online Course Registration

Approximately five weeks before the start of the semester, students will receive an email from FIC with detailed instructions about course registration.

In order to register in courses, students must ensure that they have cleared any remaining conditions on their Letter of Offer, such as providing an IELTS score, certified copies of transcripts, or final results from your current high school studies. If you have a condition on your Letter of Offer and you are unsure how to meet the condition, please send an email to the FIC Marketing Manager you have been in contact with, or to info@fraseric.ca and be sure to provide your FIC Student ID number. Your FIC Student ID number is listed on the Letter of Offer in the top left hand corner.

FIC provides an online Enrolment Book on our website which is available for download here. The Enrolment Book includes a list of all required courses for each FIC program, as well as a detailed course description for all courses taught at FIC.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the course offerings and not knowing which courses to choose? Don't worry, when we send out the detailed course registration email, we will also let you know which subjects you should be selecting in your first semester.

Once you have arrived at FIC, you can have detailed course planning and progression discussions with the FIC Academic Advisors, as well as attend information sessions from every SFU Faculty.

Orientation Day at FIC

Orientation will be one of the most important experiences you will have as a student. It is where you will meet the people who will become your friends in Canada and the people who will help you to be academically successful.

Here are a few tips to make your orientation experience fantastic!

  1. Arrive on time! You will need to be at FIC by 9:30am on orientation day
  2. Bring a small backpack with paper and a pen and a water bottle
  3. Wear comfortable shoes, as there will be a campus tour
  4. Dress for comfort and the weather
  5. Bring your Passport, Study Permit and FIC Letter of Offer
  6. Be ready to meet people from all over the world!

During orientation there will be representatives from Canadian mobile phone companies if you wish to purchase a Canadian Sim Card or arrange for a new mobile phone. Also a few of the Canadian banks will also be present and can help advise you on how to open a bank account.