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About FIC

Q : Who is FIC?

A : FIC - Fraser International College is your direct pathway to Simon Fraser University Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is a unique opportunity to begin your degree studies in a supportive learning environment, on the campus of Simon Fraser University, and be successful.

Q : What courses does FIC offer?

A : FIC offers:

  • University Transfer Program Stage I (UTPI): a foundation or pre-university studies program that acts as a bridge between secondary school and university-level studies.

  • University Transfer Program Stage II (UTPII): equivalent to the first year university program at Simon Fraser University, this program is offered for Engineering Science, Computing Science, Business Administration and Arts and Social Sciences. Upon successful completion of UTPII, meeting the required GPA specified in the Letter of Offer and completing a minimum of 30 credit units, students transfer to the second year of their degree at Simon Fraser University.

Q : Where is FIC located?

A : FIC is located on the Burnaby Campus of Simon Fraser University in the greater Vancouver area. Vancouver is one of the world's great cities. Situated between ocean and mountains, Vancouver is Canada's third largest city and is home to an ethnically diverse population of over two million people.

Recognized as one of the most livable cities in the world, Vancouver is a safe and energetic city of vibrant cultural events and unparalleled opportunities for outdoor recreation. Whether you're interested in exploring the downtown core, experiencing the lively nightlife or attending world-class theatre, music and dance performances, you'll find countless opportunities to get out and have fun.

Summer days in Vancouver are long, warm and sunny, with an average temperature of 23C. Spring and Fall are also comfortable with moderate temperatures. An average temperature of 5C during winter gives Vancouver the mildest winter climate of all major cities in Canada.

Q : As FIC is located on Simon Fraser University campus, can FIC students use the campus facilities and services?

A : Absolutely! As an FIC student you are able to use all services and facilities at Simon Fraser University, including the library, computer labs, recreation facilities, Sports facilities and so on.

Q : Is the UTP Stage II course equivalent to first year university?

A : Yes! The courses are the same level as those for the relevant first year undergraduate programs offered by Simon Fraser University and are moderated by the University.

Q : What is the advantage of going to FIC rather than doing first year University?

A : The advantages for students are many. You can be admitted to FIC if you marginally miss the entry requirements for Simon Fraser University. Classes are much smaller than the usual university lecture size. FIC students have longer class hours which allows more time to better understand the course and they have regular access to lecturers. Additionally, FIC students receive extensive academic and personal support, not only for their studies, but to help them adjust to living in Canada.

Q : How long is the UTP Stage I program?

A : The foundation program, UTPI is two terms. Students can begin their studies in January, May or September. Upon successful completion of UTPI, you progress to the first year university program, UTPII.

Q : How long is the UTP Stage II program?

A : The UTPII program, which is equivalent to first year of the degree, can be completed in three terms, or one year. Students can begin their studies in January, May or September. Upon successful completion of UTPII, reaching the required GPA and satisfying the university's requirements, you can transfer to the second year at Simon Fraser University.

Q : What is the composition of the student population at FIC?

A : Students at FIC are from over 40 different countries around the world, including Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey and China.

Q : Can I study part-time?

A : No! As an International student you must study full-time to meet visa conditions.

Q : What if I need help with my studies whilst I am at FIC?

A : There are many avenues of help and support throughout your terms at FIC. If you find yourself having difficulty in a course, you can contact your lecturer and organise a time to meet for consultation or a Student Advisor is also available to help with many areas of your studies and your life at FIC.

About the classes

How are classes taught?

A : All classes are four hours duration. The class content may consist of a lecture, workshops, computer laboratory sessions or interactive activities. There is some variation in this structure according to the nature of the individual lecturer, the course and specific requirements.

Q : What time are classes scheduled at FIC?

A : Classes normally run from 8.30am-12.30pm, 1.30pm-5.30pm and from 5.45pm-9.45pm.

Q : What is the maximum number of courses that I can study each term?

A : Four courses are the maximum course load for any student in any one term, studying three courses is also common.

Q : What is the minimum number of courses that I can study each term?

A : Due to visa conditions international students must study a minimum of 3 courses each term unless it is the students last term.

Q : What if I fail some courses - do I have to repeat the whole term?

A : No. Because of the flexible nature of the program it is possible to progress to new courses whilst retaking those which have been failed.

Q : How many intake dates are there each year?

A : There are three intakes per year - January, May, September

Applying to FIC

How do I apply?

A : It is easy, click on the following link and follow the instructions.

Q: How long will it take to receive an offer from FIC?

A : It will only take 24 - 48 hours to receive an offer from FIC provided you have submitted a complete application inclusive of required academic documents.

Exemptions/Recognition for Other Course Work

Q : Can I apply for exemptions?

A : No, not at FIC.

FIC Entry requirements

Q : What are the entry requirements for FIC?

A : Entry requirements are course specific and country specific. Click on the following link to find out more.

Q : Does FIC accept mature age applicants?

A : If you are a mature age student (aged 21 or above), you may be admitted into a program without meeting the formal academic requirements if you have relevant work experience and/or other acceptable qualifications such as secondary school, college or vocational studies results.

Fee Payment

Q : How do I pay my fees?

A : Payments should be made in Canadian dollars to Fraser International College by international bank draft. Payment may also be made by direct deposit or telegraphic transfer. FIC also accepts online payments by credit card (MasterCard and Visa). FIC does not accept payments in cash in the FIC office, however does accept debit and credit card payments. Click on the following link for detailed information.

Q : Are scholarships available at FIC?

A : Yes, check out the following link for more information

Medical Insurance

Q : Do I have to have health insurance?

A : Yes. FIC students must have medical coverage. FIC will assist students to get mandatory 16 months of medical coverage upon arrival in Canada. At the end of the 16 months, students must extend the initial coverage.


Q : What happens at Orientation and do I need to attend?

A : Yes, attendance at Orientation is mandatory as this is the day you will receive important information about your time in FIC. You will be informed about the many services available to you as an FIC student. It is also a great opportunity to make your first group of friends.

Q : What do I need to bring to Orientation?

A : Bring your FIC offer letter, pen and passport and any other documents you have been asked to provide.

Q : What happens if I am late?

A : Please notify FIC immediately if you cannot attend

Course Changes / Withdrawals

Q : Can I change my courses after I have enrolled?

A : Students may make changes to their original course selection if vacancies are available in classes. After the on-line enrolment period is closed, students who want to make a change should go to the FIC advising desk. No changes to course selection can be made two weeks after the commencement of a term, except to drop a course. A course can be dropped until the end of the fourth week and fees paid for the dropped course will be credited to the next term. After the fourth week, a course can be dropped, however no fees will be transferred to the next term. Students who drop a course after the fourth week will have 'WT' recorded as their result in the course. Courses cannot be dropped after the end of Week 11. Students must maintain a full-time enrolment.

Q : How do I change my course?

A : Students who wish to change their course must complete the online Change of Course Application form and with a student success advisor.

Transferring to Simon Fraser University

Q : How do I transfer to Simon Fraser University?

A : To progress to the second year at Simon Fraser University, students must successfully complete the UTPII program at FIC, obtain the relevant GPA as specified in your Letter of Offer and complete a minimum of 30 credits.

Q : How can I obtain more information about the programs available at Simon Fraser University?

A : Go to the Simon Fraser University website:

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