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Marketing Specialist

Who We Are

The Marketing Specialists are a team of current FIC and SFU students focused on supporting prospective FIC students and increasing FIC brand awareness. This is done by supporting the Marketing team with promotions, co-hosting webinars, and addressing student and stakeholder questions.

What We Do

The Marketing Specialist team works closely with FIC’s Marketing team to review the incoming student experience, improve FIC brand awareness, identify areas to address, and improve the incoming student experience. The Marketing Specialist team does this by learning about the FIC branding campaigns, proposing new ideas and collaborating with diverse teams like Marketing Communications (Marcomms) and internationally based Navitas staff. Marketing Specialists meet weekly as a group and individually with their mentor from the FIC Marketing team. Marketing Specialists should have completed their first semester at FIC or are an FIC alumni studying at SFU.

If you are a creative student with a professional work ethic a desire to develop marketing skills and support incoming FIC students into the community, we are excited to see your application.

Benefits of Joining

  • Improve event planning, public speaking, presentation, and English skills,
  • Develop leadership, problem-solving, and customer service skills,
  • Work alongside the local FIC Marketing team and the International Student Recruitment team,
  • Improve the prospective student journey through social media, webinars, and one-to-one conversations,
  • Strengthen your professional network and develop great connections in marketing and marcomms.

Commitment to the Program

  • Average weekly commitment is expected to be five hours
  • Attending bi-weekly Marketing Specialist meetings to discuss case studies and specific topics, review presentation styles, and develop skills
  • Attend small group or individual weekly mentoring conversations with a specific FIC marketer
  • Support and contribute to Marketing events throughout the semester such as webinars, calling campaigns, event planning, and social media campaigns for an average of 3 hours per week
  • Bring unique ideas and perspectives to the team to improve the incoming student experience
  • Working collaboratively in diverse teams with an emphasis on strong communication and supporting your team by utilizing your strengths while also learning from team members
  • Attendance at training sessions before and throughout the semester including the Student Leadership Training (SLT)
  • 2-semester consecutive commitment
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